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The PoseidonScripts distribution includes three scripts that allows for some alternative ways of starting and stopping the Poseidon USB stack. They are the following:

This script is meant to be used with a standard Poseidon install, where the stack already has been properly configured. It opens a simple requester which gives you the possibility to either start or stop the stack. Stopping Poseidon may sometimes be required since it conflicts with certain types of software, and the PoseidonManX script makes this a bit easier, since it's quicker than doing it via Trident. Just double-click it's icon to launch the script.

This one is meant for using a minimalistic version of Poseidon, that doesn't use Trident, which in turn also means that MUI (Magic User Interface) is not required. Upon running the script, a requester will open, which allows you to either start or stop the Poseidon stack. This will then be done by using the AddUSBHardware and AddUSBClasses commands directly. You can start PoseidonMan by simply double-clicking it's icon.

It is possible to make a bootable floppy disk that contains a minimal version of Poseidon.  In order to make the stack start automatically upon booting, the StartPoseidon script can be run from the Startup-Sequence of the boot disk. This can be done by simply adding a  "Execute >NIL: S:StartPoseidon"  line somewhere in the Startup-Sequence file. Just have in mind that both the script and Poseidon itself requires that T: has been assigned first.

Take a look at the documentation included with the PoseidonScripts archive for more info about using a minimal version of the Poseidon USB stack.


Amiga with Kickstart 3.0 and 68020 CPU as minimum.
The Poseidon USB stack. Various links to it can be found here: www.amiga911maker.site11.com/dl/poseidon.htm

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