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PIconTools  is a small collection of various GUIs for managing icons. They are written in the Gui4Cli programming language, and thus requires AmigaOS 3.0 or higher to work. Most of the Tools uses Sebastian Bauer's IconCopy and/or Dirk Stoecker's ProcessIcon commands (plus maybe a few others) for managing the icons, and this concept would not have been possible without them.
Compatibility has been a priority when making these tools, where they should work fine even on basic Amiga setups. Most of them allows for selecting an icon by just dragging & dropping it onto the GUI. Both icons in the OldIcon, NewIcon and ColorIcon (aka GlowIcon) format is supported, and it may also be possible to convert between them now :-)
PIconTools can be downloaded from Aminet.

Currently PIconTools consists of the following:
A small GUI for copying icons by using drag & drop. The Dest icon will be in the same format as the Source icon, while the StackSize, ToolTypes, Default Tool, etc. will remain the same.
Snapshot your icons with precision by using this program. Just drag & drop an icon, then edit the X & Y positions and finally click the Snap button.
Snapshot a bunch of icons by using an imaginary grid. Allows for better controlling the layout of the icons. Can be useful when dealing with icons of different sizes in the same dir.
Simple GUI that displays various info about an icon. Just like with the above ones, drag & drop can be used for choosing icon.
A small utility for backing up your icons, either to another drawer or to a lha archive (with or without compression).
Opens a small menu which allows you to select one of the above mentioned tools. Primarily meant for program launchers.

More PIconTools will come at a later date.

Please note the following:
 •  If you drag & drop a non-existing "fake" icon on the GUI, you will be asked if the icon shall be created. If the answer is yes, it will then be done by using the CreateDefaultIcon command.
 •  Drawer icons MUST have matching dirs for drag & drop to work, otherwise the actual dropping will not be registered by the GUI.
 •  The PIconTools GUIs are kind of font-sensetive, meaning that they might be resized to match the height of the fonts used by Workbench. If this happens, there will be a slight delay upon starting them (due to patching).

Any Amiga with Kickstart 3.0 or higher.
For full support of all possible combinations of icon converting (from/to ColorIcon, NewIcon and OldIcon) though, the following is required:
    AmigaOS 3.1 or higher
    icon.library V46
    newicon.library V40
Gui4Cli 3.8.5
, which can be found on Aminet under:
PIconTools uses the ProcessIcon, CreateDefaultIcon, KillNewIcon and IconCopy commands, which is included.
They can also be found on Aminet under:

New in version 1.5
 •  Only the IconCopy command is used for copying icon images now. The reason for this, is because it requires less workarounds than with ProcessIcon.
 •  PIconCopy will now auto-resize its window if the the selected icon is too large to fit properly in the box. There's also a new "Hold Planar images" mode, that skips the OldIcon images when copying from a NewIcon/ColorIcon.
 •  PIconCopy, PIconInfo and PIconSnap does now have a new "Edit" menu which allows for converting the selected icons format or type, removing/killing icon images, and for optimizing the icon (by removing unnecessary junk).
 •  Upon dragging a disk that haven't got an icon onto the above mentioned GUIs, the user is asked if the icon should be created. This actually works now!
 •  Gui4Cli programs cannot take a file as argument when they are run, but with PIconInfo there's now a workaround, where it can make a PIconInfo-SA script that can be used instead. Upon running this script with an icon as argument, it will then launch PIconInfo, which in turn chooses the icon.
 •  Another new feature of PIconInfo, is the possibility to snapshot the window position & size. Both this and the above are the results of a user request.
 •  The PIconTools are now more aware of hybrid icons (that has both ColorIcon and NewIcon data in them), and may give a warning when one is encountered.
 •  All readme files of the included third-party software has been merged into a single Third_Party.guide file.
 •  Various small improvements here and there.

New in version 1.4
 •  Added new PIconGridSnap, PIconInfo and PIconMenu GUIs to the collection.
 •  It is now possible to choose icons via a file-requester as an alternative to simply using the drag & drop method on the GUIs.
 •  PIconCopy will now use Sebastian Bauer's IconCopy command for copying icon images when icon.library v44 or higher is not present. This replaces the old "kludge" that was used earlier.
 •  The way icon information is gathered by PIconSnap has been optimized.
 •  Negative numbers can now be entered directly in the X Pos and Y Pos boxes of PIconSnap.
 •  Added much better support for the Ram Disk icon.
 •  Various small improvements and bug-fixes has been done to all the old GUIs.

As previously mentioned, compatibility has been a priority when creating this software. While the images above shows two PIconTools running on my main A1200 which uses a heavily customized AmigaOS 3.9 setup, the ones below shows the tools being used on a basic OS 3.1 install  (with a non-laced screenmode).

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