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mARK is a very simplistic requester based script, which allows you to easily extract files from archives. mARK does this by acting as a kind of front-end to various (un)archivers, where it will try to use whatever suitable ones it finds on your Amiga. You will be able to extract all files from an archive, or you can use pattern matching for extracting just a few. mARK is also able to create lists that shows the contents of file archives, where the lists will automatically be opened by using MultiView.

With the correct (un)archivers in place, mARK is able to extract lha, lzx & zip archives, and with the xadmaster system installed, almost any kind of archive type is supported.


Any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or higher.
For mARK to be any useful, you will need some kind of (un)archivers installed on your Amiga. A basic setup might be LhA and the xadmaster system, just pick the xadmaster version that best suits your Amiga, and don't forget about the free keyfile as well. Here's where it all can be found on Aminet:
For using the "Ext. Sel" functionality in mARK, you will also need GetString:
For Workbench 2.x support: Unless you already have them installed, you will need the RequestChoice and RequestFile commands in C: on your Amiga. Several third-party variants of them can be found on Aminet.

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