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ImageMount is a requester driven script which allows you to mount ADF, ISO and HDF image files in a really easy way with only a few mouse clicks, and you can then treat the virtual devices like any other storage device (copy, delete, rename files etc.). It works on any Amiga with KS 2.04 or higher, but requires minimum version 38.21 of the Mount command (included in WB2.1).  ImageMount uses filedisk.device for mounting virtual devices.

Unlike with similar type of solutions, there are no sort of "change disk" or "eject disk" kind of functionality involved, the mounted virtual drives will remain mounted until the Amiga is rebooted. When it comes to the amount of image files that can be mounted at any given time, there really are no limitations other than the currently free RAM available. ImageMount also handles the mount files as well, where the script generates temporary mount files on the fly (in T:), which are then used for mounting the image files.
One important thing to have in mind regarding HDF image files, is that they must have been made by using the defaults in WinUAE, this means a block size of 512 and a BlocksPerTrack value of 32.

When compared to other alternatives, ImageMount is a much more simpler and less advanced solution, but the advantages is that it works on 68000 CPU Amigas, and that the required files are much more smaller in size.


Any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or higher.
The distribution now contains all files required by ImageMount. They were gathered from the below archives, where only the most essential file from each archive is included there. For more stuff, just download the following:
For Workbench 2.0 support:  You will need minimum version 38.21 of the Mount command, since it will not work with version 37.x. A workaround is possible by having Mount 38.21 installed in C: under the name Mount21. Under WB2.0, ImageMount will look for this file, and prefer to use it if it's found.

New in version 1.4
   Added support for CDFileSystem to be used for mounting ISO images. The reason for this is the much improved version included in AmigaOS 3.1.4
   The functionality for generating ISO mountfiles has been optimized.
   ADZ & DMS files are now supported. This requires the xadmaster system, which will be used for converting them to ADF files before mounting.

New in version 1.3
   Fixed a minor issue in order to make ImageMount work with AmigaOS 3.1.4

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