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Since changing the Default Tool in multiple DefIcons can be a rather tedious task, I decided to create the included MakeDIconScript1 and MakeDIconScript2 files for making this a little easier. Upon running one of the scripts, Dirk Stoecker's ProcessIcon command is used for getting info from the icons, which is then used for creating a new script on the Ram disk. This file contains a list over the DefIcons found on the system (Project type only) + the name of whatever Tool they currently use.

After the Ram:DIconScript1 or Ram:DIconScript2 file has been created, it is just a matter of opening and modifying it in a text editor. Here are some examples of what lines it might contain:

;ProcessIcon Envarc:Sys/ SDT "MultiView"
;ProcessIcon Envarc:Sys/ SDT "MultiView"
;ProcessIcon Envarc:Sys/ SDT "MultiView"
;ProcessIcon Envarc:Sys/ SDT "MultiView"

For changing the viewer used for these picture types, just replace MultiView at the end of the line with the one you prefer. Do also remember to remove the semicolon at the beginning as well, or else the line will be skipped.

When you are done, save the file and execute it for all changes to be applied to the icons. Have in mind that you most likely will have to reboot the Amiga after this is done for the changes to take effect.

The main difference between MakeDIconScript1 and MakeDIconScript2, is that with the former, only the most common DefIcon types that's natural to have a default tool for is listed (sorted by category), while with the latter, ALL project DefIcons found is listed (but not sorted).

You can find DefIconScripts on Aminet under: util/wb/DefIconScripts.lha

This kinda messy YouTube video shows DefIconScripts in action.

Any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or higher.

DefIcons installed on the system.

ProcessIcon, which can be found on Aminet under: util/wb/ProcessIcon.lha

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