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AnArchiver is a program for handling archives, it allows you to Extract files (by using xadmaster) from various types of archives, and you can Add, Delete and Test files to/in LhA, LZX and Zip archives. All this can be done in a nice and easy way by using a GUI. 

It's not one of those simple programs that only can act upon ALL files in the source dir (adding), or ALL files in the archive (extracting). No this is the real thing, where you actually can select any amount of files to add, extract or delete to/from/in the archive.
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AnArchiver requires an Amiga with OS 3.0 or higher. It is created with expanded Amigas in mind, so it is recommended that you have a 030 processor or higher, another thing is that you must use a High Res Laced type of Workbench screenmode (with 1:1 pixel ratio)

All files that are needed by AnArchiver is included with the AnArchiver distribution, but you will also need Dirk Stoecker's XADmaster system, you can find XADmaster on Aminet under: 

Just download the one that best suits your processor (PS! although xadmaster already is included with Amiga OS 3.9, only version 12.1 or higher is now supported by AnArchiver, so it is really recommended that you update to the latest version of xadmaster).

Do also download the free xadmaster keyfile: util/arc/xadmaster-key.lha

In order to avoid the LhA 2011+ bug, it's recommended that you download and use the latest LhA version: util/arc/lha_68k.lha
Or if you prefer to use the old 1.38 version of LhA, you can download this patch which fixes the LhA 2011+ bug:  util/arc/lha138pch.lha

You can read more about both the LhA 2011+ bug and xadmaster bug here.

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  New in Version 1.61  (update)
Improved support for LhA 2.15, this mainly consists of some visual issues in the Output Gui that have been fixed.
Only LhA 1.38 & 2.15 are now officially supported by AnArchiver, usage of other LhA versions may lead to "weird" things happening on your Amiga.
AnArchiver now only supports xadmaster version 12.1 or higher.
Some minor improvements.
          Please note that you must have installed AnArchiver 1.60 before you install this update!.

  New in Version 1.60  (main)
Now there's even more improved support for AmigaOS 3.0 & 3.1, this comes in the form of the icons included in this distribution. Because in addition to ColorIcons, there are now NewIcons and MagicWB Icons included as well. Now everybody can have more colorful icons and buttons instead of the old boring four coloured ones.
AnArchiver now supports main buttons of various heights in the main window, the height can be anything from 55 pixels and down.
4 brand new button sets are included in this distribution, they are the Annelise, Metal Text, Simple Text and Simple Text-4C sets. The following button sets which was included with AnArchiver 1.5 are not included here: GulOgRund, Metallic Style, Groenn and Simply Blue. They will however be available as a seperate download later on.
Various small improvements.

  New in Version 1.58  (update)
Improved support for AmigaOS 3.0 & 3.1. Among other things, there should no longer be any problems with selecting button sets in the Settings GUI.
It is now possible to enter passwords for encrypted archives (extract only).
In archiver land, all entries including dirs will be counted as files in archives. It is now possible to see the real amount of files in a archive by opening the "Archive Information" window.
Bytes are now converted to KB & MB in a correct way.
A small problem which could occur when pressing "Cancel" in file/directory requestors are now fixed, What happened was that a error message was shown each time the "Cancel" button was pressed. Not a serious bug, but a bit annoying (quite oddly, this happened with only one of my AOS 3.9 setups). 
Various small improvements and bug fixes. 

  New in Version 1.54  (update)
Reading the contents of archives is now more efficient and much more safer (there should no longer be any problems with LZX archives).
AnArchiver can now extract files from DMS disk-archives (which uses the standard OFS or FFS file systems).
It is now possible to save the settings in the "Add Files" window. Just select "Save Settings" in the menu.
Various small improvements and bug fixes. 

  New in Version 1.5  (main)
AnArchiver now supports Extracting of files from archives. 
A totally re-designed Gui, all compress related stuff is now moved to the "Add Files" Gui, and the main window does now include a listview that contains a list over the files in the archive among other things. 
You can now have up to 20 AnArchiver windows open at the same time.
View files in archives by either using Multiview only or by using IDer (included in the AnArchiver distribution), IDer allows you to view files by using the viewers that YOU prefer (AnArchiver has built-in editor for IDer). AnArchiver does also have a built-in Icon viewer and you can run files or check the version of files in archives. 
Adding/Deleting of files in Zip archives is now done in one turn only. 
AnArchiver does now have a archive history list which allows you to select an archive from the last 20 selected ones. 
Archive Cache, AnArchiver does now store the list of files in the selected archive to a cache, this makes it faster to update the listview when you select the archive again later. 
Add files to an archive by dragging and dropping them into either the main AnArchiver window or the Add Files window. 
AnArchiver does now have a "Maximum compression" option (for LZX only). 
AnArchiver can now create a log-file when testing an archive so that you can easily find out what files are damaged in a corrupt archive. 
Various bug fixes (the "Use" function in the Settings Gui does now what it is supposed to do among other things).

Some important notes!
In the beginning of year 2011 a bug in all versions of LhA became appearant, the problem was that when adding files created in 2011 or later to lha archives, they would end up with the wrong year (1980) inside the archives. This bug is now fixed with LhA v2.15 and a patch for LhA v1.38 is available as well.

Unfortunately the release of LhA 2.15 also introduced a bug in xadmasters internal LhA client, here the problem is that spaces in file names will be converted to underscores when extracting/listing lha archives created with LhA 2.15. What causes this is that LhA 2.15 by default uses level 1 file headers (other LhA versions use level 0), and the xadmaster system doesn't seem to handle this well.

AnArchiver 1.61 overcomes this issue by simply forcing LhA to use level 0 headers, so there should not be any problems with lha archives created by using AnArchiver. But there may however be problems with archives created by using LhA 2.15 directly (without the -H0 option). So until a new bug fixed 68K version of the xadmaster system is available, I would recommend that you do the following:

Click the Options button in the main AnArchiver window and make sure that the "Use LhA for lha arch." option is enabled in the window that appears, this will cause AnArchiver to only use LhA for extracting files from lha archives.

Since AnArchiver only uses the xadmaster system for creating archive contents lists, it means that these lists may be affected by the xad bug as well. If this happens, it's recommended that you select ALL files in the list before extracting files from the archive. This will make sure that the extracted files will have the correct names.

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