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A winamp skin based upon the look & feel of Amiga OS 1.3


There are a lot of Amiga based winamp skins out there, but most of them are mainly based upon the style of either GadTools which was introduced in Amiga OS 2.0, or Reaction which was introduced in Amiga OS 3.5. This is the reason why I decided to make this skin, and as far as I know, there are no other Amiga OS 1.3 style skins for winamp out there.

When I started to work on this skin, my goal was to make it look as authentic to Amiga OS 1.3 as possible, some of the things I did was to:

Only use the same four colors which is used by the Workbench of Amiga OS 1.3 (blue, white, black and orange).

Use the Amiga OS 1.3 version of the Topaz font where ever it was possible in the skin (I had to cheat a little by resizing the letters in order for them to fit in some of the buttons).

Try making the gadgets in the titlebars of the winamp windows look as close as possible to the real gadgets of the Amiga OS 1.3 windows. But because of limitations in the winamp layout, I had to make these gadgets a bit smaller than they are supposed to be. The gadgets does not change color when clicked upon either (this is something Ihat will happen on a real Amiga). Another thing is the position of the window titles, by default they are placed on the left side in Amiga OS 1.3, but the playlist of winamp expects the title to be centered instead. This is why there is no title present in the playlist window.

Try making the rest of the gadgets in the winamp windows look as close as possible to the gadgets used by Amiga OS 1.3, but here the problem was that this version of the OS did not include a standard GUI gadget class (this was something that first appeared with GadTools in Amiga OS 2.0), This meant that I had to find something specific to base my skin upon. I decided to use the Amiga OS 1.3 Preferences program as inspiration, but there still was certain things that I couldn't implement in my skin, one of these things was the slider in the slider bars which in reality is supposed to be round.

This skin was based upon the AmOSAmp v1.2 skin by Gertjan van der Veldt, he in return based his skin upon the AmiOS35amp v2.2a skin by Richard Hackelbusch.

Enjoy my very first Winamp skin.
Roger Håseth

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