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This distribution is an UNOFFICIAL THIRD PARTY package that contains various drivers for the Poseidon USB stack. The reason why it was put together, is because the latest full version of Poseidon (V4.5) includes RapidRoad drivers only, which makes things a bit harder for owners of other USB controllers.  With this solution you can just install Poseidon 4.5, and then install the hardware driver you need from this package. In addition to all drivers from Poseidon 4.4 and 4.5, a Thylacine + special Subway driver is included as well. Driver for the Spider PCI card is not included since Elbox wouldn't like that.

This package also includes the most basic of Poseidon files, which allows for a minimalistic version of the USB stack to be installed. Another thing is some scripts that can be used for easily starting and stopping the stack. You can read more about these scripts on the Poseidon Scripts page.

Currently, there are two versions of this package, where one is a lha archive, and the other is a adf disk image. Download links to them can be found on the Downloads page. Links to various other Poseidon related files can also be found at: http://amiga911maker.site11.com/dl/poseidon.htm

All questions regarding this distribution should be directed at me, and not Chris Hodges or Individual Computers.

Installing a driver
In order to install a USB card driver, you can just use the Install_Drivers script. Here you must first choose the USB controller type, and if several drivers for it is present, you must then select the correct one. Next up is choosing the destination dir, which should be your system partition.

For installing manually, just make sure that a Devs/USBHardware drawer is present on your system partition, and copy the wanted driver(s) into it.

More info about the included drivers is present at the bottom of this page.

Installing MiniPoseidon
A typical problem that can occur when adding an USB controller to the Amiga, is finding a way to transfer the files required to get Poseidon up and running to it. Here it can help having a floppy version of the Poseidon USB stack, but there may still be problems with the MUI (Magic User Interface) archive, since it doesn't fit on a standard floppy disk.

This is why a rather minimalistic version of Poseidon is included here, which doesn't require MUI (since Trident isn't used), and only has support for USB mice, keyboards, hubs and mass storage devices. Below is a small example that explains how the installation can be done:

1. Use the Install_MiniPoseidon script for installing the most basic Poseidon files, and remember to install the correct hardware driver as well.

2. Start the stack by using the included PoseidonMan script, or enter the following lines in a Shell (for a Subway card):
    AddUSBHardware  Devs:USBHardware/subwayusb.device

3. Just to check if things works like it should, insert a simple USB device (like a mouse) to one of the inputs of the USB card.

4. Download MUI & Poseidon 4.5, and copy the archives to an USB pendrive.

5. Attach the pendrive to your Amiga, and install both MUI and the full version of the Poseidon 4.5 stack.

Please note!  Both fat95 and AmiCDFS filesystems are included in this package, but all DOSDrivers + documentation is missing. If you want this stuff as well, you can find the full versions on Aminet under: disk/cdrom/amicdfs240.lha and disk/misc/fat95.lha

Drivers information
Just by looking at the file names, it should be pretty obvious what kind of USB card each driver is meant for. But certain cards do however have several drivers available for them, and this may need some explaining:
denebdmausb.device - For using the Deneb USB zorro card in DMA mode.
denebpiousb.device - For using the Deneb USB zorro card in PIO mode.
denebz2usb.device - For using the Deneb USB card in Zorro II mode.
rapidroadcpusb.device - In most cases, this is the driver that should be used for the RapidRoad USB clockport card.
rapidroadxs100usb.device - For use with the clockport included on the X-Surf-100 zorro ethernet card.
subwayusb.device - In most cases, this is the driver that should be used for the Subway USB clockport card.
subwayusb_a600.device - For use with third-party clockport adapters that clips on the Gayle chip of the Amiga 600.
subwayusb_a604.device - For use with the _secondary_ clockport included on A604 & A604n memory expansions for the Amiga 600.

Please note! Although the spider.device driver is not included in this distribution, it is still supported by the Install_Drivers script. This means the driver can be added to this collection for your own personal use.

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