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In order to use the IDE-fix software with a Compact Flash card attached to an Amiga IDE controller, it has to be patched first. Otherwise the software will just hang upon startup. The actual patching involves downloading three files from different locations, where the first one is the main IDE-fix 97 archive, the second file is the last updates of the software, and the third contains some patch files made by Doobrey and Cosmos. Then it is a matter of extracting the first lha archive, then the second on top of the resulting files, and finally use the .pch files from the third archive with spatch for patching the binaries.

All of this can really be a bit cumbersome, and it's the main reason why this All-In-One distribution was made in the first place. With this solution, the above can be done with just a few mouse clicks by using the PrepFiles script.  The distribution does not include any patched binaries, since this is frowned upon by some people in the Amiga community. Instead, all patching has to be done locally on the Amiga being used.

Currently, there are two versions of this package, where one is a lha archive, and the other is a adf disk image. Download links to them can be found on the Downloads page.

Using PrepFiles
The PrepFiles script does not install anything to your system partition. Instead it can be used for preparing the files needed for installation of IDE-fix 97. After starting PrepFiles, you can choose between these options:

  1. IDE-fix 97 only
  2. IDE-fix 97 + Updates
  3. IDE-fix 97 + Updates + Patches

Option 1 will simply extract the IDEfix97.lha archive, option 2 will do the same, but will extract Eb_final.lha as well. The third option extracts both archives, and then uses the .pch files in IDEFix_patches.lha for patching the IDE-fix 97 binaries. After making your choice, you must then select the destination directory where the files will be extracted to. Have in mind that a drawer called IDE-fix will be made in the chosen dir, and that it is possible to use the main IDE-fix_AIO drawer as the dest dir.

PrepFiles will also create a small STATUS.txt file in the IDE-fix drawer, which gives some info about what has been done to the other files in the dir. Another thing is that the readme files from the updates and patches archives will be renamed to Eb_final-readme.txt & IDE_Patches.readme, and then they will be moved to the Docs drawer.

When all the above is done, you can continue with installing IDE-fix 97.

Distribution notes
According to the documentation in IDEfix97.lha, I am allowed to include the archive in this distribution. When it comes to the readme's in Eb_final.lha and IDEFix_patches.lha, there's no particular distribution notes provided, so it's therefore assumed that I'm allowed to include these two archives as well. But in case I'm wrong about this, please contact me so that I can remove the file(s).

None of the archives have been modified in any way, and all three files were downloaded from the following locations:
IDEfix97.lha  -
Eb_final.lha  -
IDEFix_patches.lha  -

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