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Welcome to the "new" website!  Although it has been online for over ten years now, the contents to be found here doesn't really reflect this. Traditionally when it comes to working on my site, it has really been more about (bad) design rather than content, but hopefully this will change from now on. As for the actual design, it uses a much simpler layout now (especially this page), and it should also be much more easier to navigate around the site. When it comes to the future, several articles & tutorials for the Amiga computer are planned, and will be included here later. I would also like to mention that you can find some info about the various Amiga programs I have created on this site, just check out the Programs section.

This site has been made to be as browser-friendly as possible (which partially explains the usage of frames), and this in turn means that you should be able to access the site by using any of the classic Amiga web browsers. The site will automatically choose a layout that best matches the screenmode you are using, but this does however require that your browser supports javascript. To manually select another layout, click one of the following links which best suits your screen:
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Here is a list over just some of the stuff you can find on this site:
  Misc Info
Latest News  -  find out what's new on this site.
Words from the Author  -  just some of my ramblings.
Author Information  -  some info about me.
Mail the Author  -  how to contact me.

My second Amiga 1200  -  finalizing the custom case of my A1200.
PC projects - 2016  -  building a "new" PC and upgrading my old HTPC.
IDE-CF adapter blues  -  why they don't work with other IDE devices.
Authors favorite programs  -  some of my favourite Windows progs.
How I built my new PC  -  old previously unpublished article from 2008.
The Processor Idiot  -  postings from either a idiot or a troll?

Triple booting an Amiga - how my A600 boots into three AOS versions.
RemAPollo & AmigaOS 3.9 + BB2 fix - getting this combo to work.
Indivision AGA MK2 - Forcing 4:3 modes - on a 16:9 type monitor.
Making HDToolBox work with CF cards - for version 40.4 and lower.
Recovering files with SFSSalv - rescue stuff from corrupt SFS drive.
The Close Down Windows CD - how to create this CD.
Funny Pictures  -  collection of funny pics.
Wallpapers  -  collection of various wallpapers.
Pussy Pictures  -  some really cool pussy pictures.
Truls the cat  -  pictures of my parents old cat.

AnArchiver  -  an archive handler for the Amiga computers.
DefIconScripts  -  easily change Tool of multiple DefIcons.
DiskImageGui  -  mounts ADF, ISO and HDF image files.
ImageMount  -  mounts ADF, ISO and HDF image files.
mARK  -  a very simple GUI for LhA, LZX, UnZip & Xad.
PIconTools  -  various GUIs for managing icons.
PoseidonScripts - alternative ways of using the USB stack.
TRULS  -  universal installer scripts for System icons.
WHDLoad-TinyIconFix - replaces tiny icon images.

CloverIcons - full 4 color replacement set for System icons.
DoomAttack-AIO - All-In-One edition of this Amiga Doom port.
IDE-fix 97 AIO - IDE-fix 97 with updates, patches & serials.
Poseidon Drivers - driver pack + extras for the USB stack.
GrabKick Disk - boots, grabs & saves the Amigas kickstart.
TopazExtras - some additions to the standard Topaz font.
Empty ADF files - six empty ADF disk image files.
Empty HDF files - seven empty HDF disk image files.
Amiga OS 1.3 Winamp skin - a skin based upon AOS 1.3.

Amiga911 Maker
Do also check out my other website, which is the home of the easy to use boot disk creator Amiga911 Maker. There you can find some information about the program + various tutorials which among other things explains how to create & use the Amiga911 boot disk. You can also find some generic Ready-made Amiga911 boot disksA911Extras packs and Emergency Disk II floppies available for download there as well.  In order to find out more, just go to:

Words from the Author

Replaying an old classic game
Back in the late 90's I did the unusual thing of buying a PC game compilation without actually owning a PC. The reason for this was because id software had released the Doom source code. This again led to Doom being ported to various computer platforms, including the Amiga. But even though it was now open source, an original Doom IWAD file (Internal WAD) was still required for all level, graphics and sound data. So I went ahead and bought the Depths of Doom Trilogy pack, which included The Ultimate Doom & Doom II: Hell on Earth. After copying the WAD files to my Amiga 1200, I started playing the games, which was really cool - especially since it was earlier considered as impossible to get Doom running on the Amiga (not powerful enough hardware).

Fast forward to 2016, and I learn that a new reboot of Doom has been released. Curious about this, I started watching some gameplay videos on YouTube, which in turn led me to watching videos of the old classic Doom games as well. And here I found myself going "Ah yes, I remember that level" all the time, and I suddenly felt an urge to start playing the games again.  I could of course have just done this on my PC, since it would have been easier, faster and with better graphics, but for me it's really a nostalgia thing, where I wanted to play Doom on my Amiga, just like I did all those years ago. So I installed the DoomAttack port, and since I wanted in-game music this time around, I began the process of setting this up - which turned out to be a real cumbersome affair indeed. But I finally managed getting it to work. Just so that others won't have to struggle with this like I did, I then decided to put together a package with everything needed for music in Doom, and I also added some startup scripts + icons as well. The result of my efforts is the DoomAttack-AIO compilation.

Right now I'm playing through The Ultimate Doom, and when this is done, I will continue with Doom II. After this is finished, there's a chance that I will give TNT & Plutonia a go as well (if I'm not tired of the whole concept that is). Another thing is NovaCoder's ZDOOM ports which I might try out later.  In case you are wondering about the Doom inspired picture that's currently being used on the start page of this site, it was made by Merle Keith Kutz, and the original pic can be found right here.

      added on monday the 26. september 2016.

Server problems, new pages, and future plans
It has been a while since the last time it happened, but now there's issues with the server hosting this website... again!. So at the time of writing this text, a backup of my website is temporarely hosted on another server. When the original main site is up and running as normal again (if ever), the backup will just simply be deleted.

A couple of new pages has now been added to this site, where one of them is about finalizing my custom Amiga 1200 case. This is a project I had been working on every now and then for several years, but in 2015 I finally decided to finish the case, and the result can be seen on the picture to the right. To read more about this A1200 case, check out the My second Amiga 1200 page.
Another new page covers two PC projects that I was working on in the summer of 2016, where one of them is about building a computer from both old & new parts, and the other project is about upgrading my old HTPC. Go to the PC projects - 2016 page to read more about this. In addition there's also two new pages regarding Compact Flash cards + adapters on the Amiga.

As for the future, there is a project I'm currently working on putting together, which will be released later this year. A little hint about this is now given on the start page of this website (picture). Later on I will re-write the old RemAPollo & AmigaOS 3.9 + BB2 fix tutorial, since it contains a couple of small errors. While doing this, I will also attempt to get RemAPollo working with Boing Bag 3/4, and if I succeed, a tutorial about this will be written as well. I'm also considering to make some pages that explains how the Startup-Sequence and Mount files/lists works on the Amiga, and there's also the small PPaint tutorials I have been meaning to write for several years now. Apart from all that, there are also a couple of new projects I'm contemplating (where some involves new boot disks), but for now they are just thoughts in my head.

      added on sunday the 28. august 2016.

Motörhead Forever!
Christmas is over, and a new year has just started. But unfortunately during this christmas, the world lost a great musician since Motörhead's frontman Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister passed away just a couple of days after his 70. birthday. This sad event also marks the end of an era, since Motörhead as a band is no more. In total we got forty years of awesome music, with over 20 studio albums released by them.  Earlier in the same year, Motörhead's former drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor also passed away.

R.I.P.  Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister  and  Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor
Thanks for all the great music you made.

The above picture is something I made twenty years ago by using DPaint on my good old Amiga 500. The original size of the image was 320x256 pixels, but it has been resized to 640x512 without using any kind of enhancements, since I wanted to keep the original "feel" of it (with pixelation and stuff). The cover of the "Nö Sleep at All" live album was used as inspiration for the picture.
There will be no more studio album releases from Motörhead, but their music will still live on forever!

      added on tuesday the 5. january 2016.

Finally finished!
All the changes I wanted to make to this site are now done, and all new/updated files has been uploaded.
Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything, but usually it's exactly that I have done.  I'm not entirely pleased with the "new" Main Page yet, so a bit of work on it still remains.  I must say that everything went much more smoother than I first thought it would.

Pretties For You.
Now there are 45 years since the first Alice Cooper album was released, the year was 1969 and the album was entitled "Pretties For You". Back then it was the actual band that was called Alice Cooper (AC went solo in 1975), and on both this album and the follow up, the musical style was both somewhat experimental and a bit psychedelic. In other words, this album is not exactly everybodys cup of tea, and for people that are curious about Alice Cooper's earliest works, I would recommend some of the later albums instead. But still I must admit that I actually like this album, and the favourite track has to be "Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio". I can also mention that live versions of two of the other songs; "Fields of Regret" and "No Longer Umpire" are present on all the countless variants of the "Toronto Music Festival" live bootleg album that are floating around, but here the tracks are called "Science Fiction" and "Painting a Picture" instead. These live versions are very sloppy even for live versions to be, and I must say that the studio versions sounds much much better.

But to celebrate this event, the start page of this site will feature the cover from the Pretties For You album for the rest of the year. You can find more info about this album here(and yes the above really is a quick copy & paste job from something I wrote earlier).

      added on friday the 31. october 2014.

Time for a reboot!
As mentioned below, I have had plans of adding more content to this site. One of the reasons why this haven't been done yet is because I have been busy with my Amiga911 Maker program & website. But another reason is that I'm currently feeling a bit embarrassed about certain aspects of this site (especially this very page). So before new stuff can be added here, I have to make a sort of reboot of the site first. This will involve a total redesign of the "Main Page", simplifying the left menu and top banner, removing the background images used on the various pages, adding site links under the title of each page, making sure that the site has a fixed width, shuffling some pages around, removing some old crap ++++

The work on this has now started, so have in mind that the site may from time to time seem to be a little inconsistent, where certain pages have different styles and stuff. Also by working on the website, has allowed me to test out a lot of ideas which may be used here as well.

      added on monday the 15. october 2014.

Happy New Year!
Fortunately the world didn't end in 2012 after all, this means that I can write these words you now are reading. I had some plans at the beginning of last year regarding this site, but that had to be put on hold since I was quite busy with other projects. Of all my Amiga related stuff, this have primarily been the Amiga911 Maker program & website, plus the ready-made Amiga911 boot disks. But I have also taken a hard look at this very site, and it has become quite clear that some changes has to be made. First and foremost I have to edit the layout so it becomes a bit simpler (especially this page), and the site will also have a fixed width in the future. I'm also going to make the site more Amiga related again, where I most likely will write some PPaint, Gui4Cli and Shell script tutorials (I already have some ideas about this). I have also thoughts about making a sort of mini site for AnArchiver as well. Speaking of AnArchiver, it has been a long time since the last time I did some work on it, but this doesn't mean that I have abandoned it or something like that, because there are still a LOT of stuff I want to implement in this program. This will however be done at a later date.

As for Amiga911 Maker, it is the project that has my main priority at the moment, and although I have done some more work on it since the last release, there are still some really cool features that I would like to implement before the next version is released. One of these things is the possibility for creating a more advanced AmigaOS 3.9 Emergency Disk. Amiga911 Maker will also continue to have it's own website in the future as well, this is because it turns out that it really can survive as a stand-alone site (it has enough visitors per month).

      added on tuesday the 1. january 2013.


Old words from the Author

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28. December 2018
CloverIcons, TRULS & WHDLoad-TinyIconFix
These brand new distributions has now been released.

11. November 2018
DefIconScripts, ImageMount & TopazExtras
These new/updated distributions has now been released.

19. November 2017
PIconTools 1.4
A new version of this GUI collection for managing icons has now been released.

14. September 2017
GrabKick Disk, TopazExtras, Empty ADF files & Empty HDF files
These four new/updated distributions has now been released.

1. November 2016
IDE-fix 97 AIO & Poseidon Drivers
Two new packages has been released, where one contains IDE-fix 97 with updates, patches & serials, and the other contains 11 drivers + extras for the Poseidon USB stack.

26. September 2016
A new distribution of DoomAttack that contains everything needed for in-game music support is now available.

28. August 2016
New Pages
Four new pages are now available. One is about finalizing my custom A1200 case, another is about my PC projects in 2016, and the last two are Compact Flash card related.

8. June 2016
New Tutorials
Two brand new tutorials called Indivision AGA MK2 - Forcing 4:3 modes and Recovering files with SFSSalv has been added to this site.

11. May 2016
The very first version of PIconTools has now been released. This is a small collection of various GUIs for managing icons.

7. February 2016
DiskImageGui, ImageMount, mARK  &  PoseidonScripts
These scripts from the Amiga911 Maker project has now been released as stand-alone distributions.

23. January 2015
New & Updated Articles
An previosly unrel-eased article called How I built my new PC has now been added to this site
The old Authors favorite programs article has also been updated, with six new progs added.

9. December 2014
Triple booting an Amiga
A new tutorial which explains how I have set up my Amiga 600 to boot either WB2.1, WB3.1 or AmigaOS 3.9.

23. March 2014
Amiga911 Maker - version 1.59
A brand new version of the easy to use boot disk creator Amiga911 Maker have just been released.

20. January 2011
AnArchiver 1.61 update.
A small update which will take AnArchiver up to version 1.61 is now available from both this site and Aminet.

17. March 2009
RemAPollo & AmigaOS 3.9 + BB2 fix.
A guide which explains how to get RemAPollo to work with the Boing Bag 2 update of AmigaOS 3.9.

17. March 2009
GrabKick Disk.
Downloadable ADF image of a disk that can be used to grab and save the Kickstart ROM from any classic Amiga with Kickstart 1.3 or higher.

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