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Here you can find some of my YouTube videos and playlists, which mostly are either Amiga or music related. Have in mind that the videos in the playlists found at the bottom are not mine, so I have no control over them. This means that certain videos may no longer be available.  You can also check out my YouTube channel for more stuff. New videos will come at a later date

Amiga videos
Booting my AmigaOS 3.9 USB stick by using an Emergency Disk II.

Various other videos:

Testing a new MiniThylacine USB card on my Amiga 1500

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 1:
Activating the Amiga911 disk and making a backup of it.

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 2:
Setting up a harddisk on the Amiga by using HDToolbox.

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 3:
Installing ClassicWB directly from HDF image file.

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 4:
Installing Workbench + BetterWB directly from ADF image files.

Music videos
Venom - Aaaaaaarrghh

Various other videos:

Roy Orbison & Angry Grandpa - In Dreams

Death Piggy - Eat The People (The Walking Dead)

Mad Cow Disease - My Death Squad

Mad Cow Disease - Craw

Mad Cow Disease - As Good A Place As Any

Dave Brockie Experience - Lady Died

Death Piggy - Splatter Flick

Death Piggy - Eat the People

Death Piggy - Bathtub in Space

Gartnerlosjen - Dette Er Jeg Flink Til

Misc videos
The main reason why I don't use Linux as a primary OS

Covered in Metal - metal cover versions of songs that originally are not metal at all.

Welcome To The Metal Zone - an attempt to recreate the classic compilation album.

Music - the worst of the worst - a list of what I consider to be the worst of the worst music that can be found on youtube.

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