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Latest News  -  find out what's new on this site.
Old words from the Author  -  some older ramblings.
Author Information  -  some info about me.
Mail the Author  - how to contact me.

CloverIcons  -  full 4 Color replacement set for System icons.
DoomAttack-AIO  -  an All-In-One edition of this Amiga Doom port (includes music support).
IDE-fix 97 AIO  -  IDE-fix 97 All-In-One package with updates, patches and serials.
Poseidon Drivers  -  driver pack for the USB stack, with 11 drivers, MiniPoseidon and Poseidon scripts.
GrabKick Disk  -  a bootable floppy disk which grabs and saves the Amigas kickstart (new version 1.1).
TopazExtras  -  extra size 6 & 13 of Topaz font + size 6, 8, 11 & 13 of a proportional version of Topaz.
Empty ADF files  -  six empty ADF disk image files.
Empty HDF files  -  seven empty HDF disk image files.
Amiga OS 1.3 Winamp skin  -  a skin based upon the look & feel of Amiga OS 1.3.
The Phonetic Alphabet  -  a page that shows the phonetic alphabet.
Cheats & Tips for PC games  -  various cheats, tips & walkthroughs for OLD PC games.

Amiga Workbench screenshots  -  some old WB screenshots of my Amiga 1200.
The Merlancia Amiga MCC Press Release  -  original press release pages.
Goodbye to  -  where I used to order DVDs from in the past.
The RHZ website in the beginning  -  the story behind this website + how it looked like in the beginning.

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