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All programs mentioned here requires that you have an Amiga compatible computer of some sort. Unless stated otherwise, they require AmigaOS 3.0 or higher. The programs are either written in the Gui4Cli programming language, or they are simple requester based shell scripts that uses the RequestChoice and RequestFile commands.  If you are interested in trying them out, you can find download links both below, and on the Downloads page.

  Amiga911 Maker
Amiga911 Maker is an easy to use program for creating boot disks which contains various drivers and tools. These disks can then be used for setting up harddisks, fixing broken Workbench installations, restoring files from backups, transferring files from PC to Amiga in various ways, etc.  Although it started life here on this website, all Amiga911 Maker pages was later moved to a site dedicated to the program, and the link below leads to this site.

AnArchiver is a program for handling archives. it allows you to Extract files (by using xadmaster) from various types of archives, and you can Add, Delete and Test files to/in LhA, LZX and Zip archives. All this can be done in a nice and easy way by using a GUI. 
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Some scripts that allows for easily changing the Default Tool of multiple DefIcons.
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This is a requester based script which allows you to easily mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk images. You can then treat the virtual devices as any DOS device (copy, delete, rename files etc.).  Requires AmigaOS 2.04 and 68020 CPU as minimum.
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Another requester based script for mounting ADF, ISO and HDF image files as virtual devices. When compared to similar types of software, it's a easier but less advanced solution.  Requires AmigaOS 2.04 and Mount v38.21 as minimum.
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mARK is a very simplistic requester based script, which allows you to easily extract files from archives (like lha, lzx & zip).  It does this by acting as a kind of front-end to various (un)archivers, where it will try to use whatever suitable ones it finds on your Amiga.  Requires AmigaOS 2.04 or higher.
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A small collection of various GUIs for managing icons. Should work fine even on basic Amiga setups, but requires AmigaOS 3.0 or higher. Both icons in the OldIcons, NewIcons and ColorIcons (aka GlowIcons) format is supported.
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  Poseidon Scripts
Consists of three scripts that provides alternative ways of starting and stopping the USB stack. PoseidonManX is meant for a standard Poseidon install (quicker to use than Trident), while PoseidonMan and StartPoseidon allows for a minimal version of the stack to be used.
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Universal Installer scripts for System icons, which allows for installation of a different set of icons on the Amiga. Provides various workarounds based upont the OS version being used. Supports all AmigaOS versions from 2.0 to 3.9.
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  WHDLoad - TinyIconFix
Replaces tiny WHDLoad icon images with some bigger ones. Works with all AmigaOS versions from 2.0 and up.
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In addition to the above programs, there are also the four old ones listed below. Just have in mind that they may contain bugs, are mainly tested with AmigaOS 3.9 only, and that some of them includes a couple of more or less "creative" type of solutions. I have been meaning to try touching them up a bit for several years now, but I have never found the time. Another thing to be aware of, is that they have an old version of the Gui4Cli executable included. Do not install this to your system! Get the latest one from Aminet instead.

Breaker is a little WB program with only one purpose, and that is to stop programs that are running in the background. To do this, it sends a BREAK signal to the selected program, this will be the same as pressing Ctrl/C if that was possible. 
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CHARisma is a GUI with a listview that contains all standard PRINTABLE characters in the ASCII-table. When you click on a character it will be added to a text string. You can then save this string to a file or you can copy it to the clipboard, allowing you to use it in another program. This can be useful when you don't remember the right key-combination to a character.
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There are a lot of programs out there that allows you to get a random Workbench backdrop each time your Amiga boots, but if you also want a matching background for the Windows, you are out of luck since most of them don't support this. That is why I created Helene. You simply use it to select backdrops for both the Workbench & Windows, then you save this as a WB Pattern preset file. After creating a couple of preset files, you can select one at random by running a little script.
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  RHz FileChecker
RHz FileChecker is a program which allows the user to identify various types of files in a quick and easy way by using a GUI. In addition it can add the correct extension to files that are missing or have a wrong extension in the file name. It can't be used for viewing any files since it is intended for recognizing file types only.
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