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   Amiga: Dealers
Amigakit.com - An online shop who sells various software and hardware for the Amiga computers.
Analogic Computers - Dealer who still sells some Amiga related products (UK).
SoftHut Redux - eldeestephens is currently preparing the sale of Software Hut's remaining stock of Amiga gear.
Vesalia Computer - German vendor who supplies the latest hardware and software online.

   Amiga: Miscellaneous
Aminet - Large collection of freely distributable software for the Amiga.
Amiga Inc - The Amiga's parent company.
Amiga.org - The site for Amiga support and news..
Amiga Forever - A complete package for running old Amiga games and demos on your PC.
Amiga Future  - Amiga magazine which is available in both English and German.
Amiga History Guide - The largest Amiga history site in the world!
Workbench Nostalgia - Complete History of the Amiga by Gregory Donner.

   CD & DVD covers
Metal Covers - Many quality rare covers (audio & video) from Rock to Death Metal.
AllCDCovers - More than just free download of the latest CD covers and DVD covers.

Encyclopaedia Metallum - An encyclopaedia with info, discography (with lyrics), links, images and reviews for all Heavy Metal bands.
FILExt - Database of file extensions and the various programs that use them, useful if you encounter files you don't know how to handle.
freedb.org - A free music database with info about over 2 million music CD's.
IMDb - Earth's biggest online movie database, visited by 38 million movie lovers each month.
Weird Encyclopedia - An encyclopedia of the weird, the strange, the fascinating, the mysterious, the unexplained.
Wikipedia - The free online encyclopedia, the place to go if you need more info about... virtually anything!

   Funny Stuff
Sabrina-Online.com - A comic strip created, written, and drawn by Eric W. Schwartz.
catsthatlooklikehitler.com - Funny site featuring cats that look like Hitler (kitlers).

   Hardware: Information
Big Book of Amiga Hardware - Probably the largest Amiga Hardware Reference on the net!
Amiga Hardware Database - Database of expansion cards, photos, drivers and install disks, manuals and benchmarks.
Hardware Book - Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions.
The PC Guide - Mountains of technical info on hardware. Useful for Amiga users too.
Amiga Floppy Drive Compatibility List - Useful info if you need to replace the floppy drive in your Amiga.

Google  Search
Can You Run It? - Site which checks your computer to determine whether or not your current system can run a game.
TriTrans - An interactive dictionary which allows you to translate words between English, Spanish and Norwegian.

   Music: Bands & Artists
Alice Cooper - The Official Website of Alice Cooper.
Anthrax - The bands official homepage - Music of Mass Destruction!
Blind Guardian - The Official Homepage of Blind Guardian.
D-A-D - Official Homepage of D-A-D (Disneyland After Dark).
Dead Kennedys - Official site for the reformed band with information, tour dates, reviews and pictures.
GWAR - The official internet stronghold for GWAR, the Scumdogs of the Universe!
GWAR - Bohab Central - The Ultimate GWAR Fan Site. ... Enter Bohab Central if ya got the balls...
Haggard - The official homepage of Haggard. Bandinfo, discography, tourdates, soundsamples (mp3), photos, reviews +++
Helloween - Official site with news, biography, discography, reviews, tour dates, interviews, message board, merchandise and links.
Iron Maiden - The band's official page with album information, song clips, biographies, fan info, art & news.
King Diamond & Mercyful Fate - KingDiamondCoven - The official King Diamond & Mercyful Fate website!
Lordi - Homepage of the Finnish band who plays monster hard rock, all dressed up in monster costumes.
L7 - The Official L7 Website.
Machinae Supremacy - Official homepage for the alternative rock band, with MP3s, lyrics and band information.
Manowar - Official website of the Kings Of Metal - Manowar.
Megadeth - Homepage of Megadeth.
Metallica - Official site features news, tour dates, fan club, forum, chat, timeline, FAQ, pictures and merchandise.
Mortiis - The only OFFICIAL Mortiis WebSite!
Motorhead - The heavy metal band's official site with news, band history, tattoo gallery, tour dates, photos, and links.
M:PIRE of EVIL - Official Website of M:PIRE of EVIL, featuring Venom and Black Metal Legends Mantas & The Demolition Man.
Primus - The Official Website of Primus.
Razor - The Official Website of Razor.
Richard Cheese - Official website for America's loudest lounge singer R. Cheese and his swingin' Lounge Against The Machine Band.
S.O.D. & M.O.D. - Official fansite for S.O.D. & M.O.D.
Suicidal Tendencies - Official website of Suicidal Tendencies.
Sodom - The German Trash bands official website.
Tankard - The Official website of Tankard.
The Great Kat - Homepage of The Great Kat - Female Violin Virtuoso and Guitar Shredder.
The Toy Dolls - Official Website of The Toy Dolls.
Therion - Official website of the swedish symphonic metal band.
Thor - Official Website of Thor - The Legendary Rock Warrior.
Venom - Venoms Legions - The only official website of Venom - the original inventors and founders of Black Metal.
Venom - Site Of The Hydra - An unofficial Venom fansite. Features a Venom forum, coverversions, album reviews, live concerts +++.
"Weird Al" Yankovic - The latest news, photos, insider info and other facts about pop satirist "Weird Al" Yankovic.

   Music: Downloads
AllOfMP3.com - Was a great site for downloading music in MP3 format - Low prices, online encoding, huge collection, secure and totally legal!

   Music: Magazines
Vibrations of Doom Magazine - Online metal magazine.

   Music: Lyrics
DarkLyrics.com - Lyrics of various Metal bands - over 11000 full albums lyrics.
All Metal Lyrics.com - Site with various metal lyrics.

  Torrent Sites
Demonoid - Great torrent site for downloading music, movies, games, software and much more.
IsoHunt - Bit Torrent search engine, with torrents, releases and ratings. The best P2P community online.
The Pirate Bay - Download music, movies, games, software and much more. The Pirate Bay is the worlds largest bittorrent tracker.
Torrent Finder - Torrent Finder is a torrent search engine which searches 169 torrent site and tracker from one page.

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