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PIconTools v1.5
A new version of this GUI collection for managing icons is now available. Among the new changes are the following:  Only IconCopy command is used for copying icon images now.  Large icons causes PIconCopy to auto-resize its GUI, and it also has a new "Hold Planar images" mode.  PIconInfo can now take an icon as argument (via workaround script), and it's also possible to snapshot the window pos & size.  PIconCopy, PIconInfo and PIconSnap can now convert the icon format & type, remove icon images, and optimize the icon.
You can read more about this on the PIconTools page, and you can also download the new version from Aminet.

      added on tuesday the 5. june 2019.

DiskImageGui, ImageMount & mARK
New versions of these scripts has now been released:
DiskImageGui  -  mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk images.  Version 1.7 adds support for CDFileSystem (ISO) + better support for ADZ & DMS files.
ImageMount  -  mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk images.  Version 1.4 also adds CDFileSystem + ADZ & DMS disk image files support.
mARK  -  simple Gui for LhA, LZX, UnZip & Xad.  Version 1.9 does now support xadmaster's ability to extract files from disk images (ADF, DMS, ISO and HDF).

      added on monday the 1. april 2019.

Six new articles + an updated one
The following new articles has been added to the site:
Building the NASty PC  -  a cheap Lubuntu based NAS server mostly built from eBay parts.
The IKEA LACK Stereo cabinet build  -  done by using three LACK tables + some extra stuff.
Upgrading my main PC  -  replacing some old parts and adding some new ones.
My new gaming/media PC  -  doing some upgrades to the PC that was built in 2016.
Fake stuff bought on eBay  -  although I'm usually careful, I do get ripped off sometimes.
Upgrading my Amiga 1500  -  various upgrades done to my A1500 between 2011 - 2016.

In addition to the above, the good old Amiga Workbench screenshots page has finally been updated as well.  I can also mention that all articles have now been moved back to a dedicated Articles page again. Another thing is that the old Articles button in the left menu is back too.

      added on tuesday the 19. february 2019.

CloverIcons, TRULS  &  WHDLoad-TinyIconFix
These brand new distributions has now been released:
CloverIcons  -  full 4 Color replacement set for System icons. Supports AmigaOS 2.0 - 3.9.
TRULS  -  universal installers for System icons. Allows for installation of a different icon set on the Amiga.
WHDLoad-TinyIconFix  -  replaces tiny WHDLoad icon images with some bigger ones.

      added on saturday the 28. december 2018.

DefIconScripts, ImageMount  & TopazExtras
These three new/updated distributions has now been released:
DefIconScripts  -  some scripts that allows for easily changing the Default Tool of multiple DefIcons (new).
ImageMount  -  mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk images (update).  New version 1.3 now works properly with AmigaOS 3.1.4
TopazExtras  -  extra size 6 & 13 of Topaz font + size 6, 8, 11 & 13 of a proportional version of Topaz (update).  In the previous version, sizes 6 and 13 of topaz consisted of a seperate font called topaz_extra. But they have now been joined together with regular topaz where they more belong.

      added on sunday the 11. november 2018.

PIconTools v1.4
A new version of this GUI collection for managing icons is now available. Among the new changes are inclusion of the brand new PIconGridSnap, PIconInfo and PIconMenu tools, plus various small improvements and bug-fixes done to the old GUIs. You can read more about this on the PIconTools page, and you can also download the new version from Aminet.

Another thing worth mentioning, is that the DoomAttack-AIO compilation has now been uploaded to Aminet as well.

      added on sunday the 19. november 2017.

GrabKick Disk, TopazExtras, Empty ADF files & Empty HDF files
The following four new/updated distributions has now been released:
GrabKick Disk  -  a bootable floppy disk which grabs and saves the Amigas kickstart (new version 1.1).
TopazExtras  -  extra size 6 & 13 of Topaz font + size 6, 8, 11 & 13 of a proportional version of Topaz.
Empty ADF files  -  six empty ADF disk image files.
Empty HDF files  -  seven empty HDF disk image files.

      added on thursday the 14. september 2017.

IDE-fix 97 AIO & Poseidon Drivers
Two new software packages has been released, where they both are available as lha archives and adf disk images. The packages are:
IDE-fix 97 AIO  -  IDE-fix 97 All-In-One package with updates, patches and serials.
Poseidon Drivers  -  driver pack for the USB stack, with 11 drivers, MiniPoseidon and Poseidon scripts.

      added on tuesday the 1. november 2016.

A new distribution of DoomAttack that contains everything needed for in-game music support is now available. To find out more, check out the DoomAttack-AIO page. There is also a new YouTube video showing it in action as well.

      added on monday the 26. september 2016.

Some New Pages
Four new pages are now available, they are the following:
My second Amiga 1200  -  finalizing the custom case of my other A1200
PC projects - 2016  -  building a "new" PC and upgrading my old HTPC
IDE-CF adapter blues  -  my theory why they don't work with other IDE devices on the same cable
Making HDToolBox work with CF cards  -  what must be done to make Compact Flash cards work with HDToolBox 40.4 and lower

      added on sunday the 28. august 2016.

New Tutorials
Two brand new tutorials has been added to this site:
Indivision AGA MK2 - Forcing 4:3 modes  -  getting the correct aspect ratio on a 16:9 monitor
Recovering files with SFSSalv  -  how to salvage the contents of a corrupt SFS partition

      added on wednesday the 8. june 2016.

The very first version of PIconTools has now been released. This is a small collection of various GUIs for managing icons, which should work fine even on basic Amiga setups. Both icons in the OldIcons, NewIcons and ColorIcons (aka GlowIcons) format is supported. You can read more about this collection on the new PIconTools page, and it can also be downloaded from Aminet right here.

      added on wednesday the 11. may 2016.

New & Updated Pages
The four scripts mentioned below does now have their own dedicated pages on this site,  just check out the Programs section for some links. The Downloads page has been updated as well, and it also uses a much simpler layout now (easier to the eye + easier for me to update :-).

      added on tuesday the 1. march 2016.

DiskImageGui, ImageMount, mARK & PoseidonScripts
These scripts from the Amiga911 Maker project has now been released as stand-alone distributions, here is where to get them from Aminet:
DiskImageGui  -  Mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk images
ImageMount  -  Mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk images (easier but less advanced solution)
mARK  -  Simple Gui for LhA, LZX, UnZip & Xad.
PoseidonScripts  -  Alternative ways of using the USB stack

      added on sunday the 7. february 2016.

New & Updated Articles
Way back in 2008 I was working on an article called How I built my new PC, and I was almost finished with it when I sort of lost interest of the whole thing. But upon doing an overhaul of this site, I came across these pages again, and so I decided to finally finish them. As the title suggests, the article is about the time I put together my (then) new PC during Christmas 2007, and it contains details about the parts I used + some info about how everything was done.

I have also updated the old Authors favorite programs article, where some stuff has been edited, and the following six programs have been added:  EasyCleaner, FileZilla, Google Chrome, Microsoft FrontPage, Mozilla Thunderbird & TightVNC.

      added on friday the 23. january 2015.

Triple booting an Amiga
A new tutorial which explains how I have set up my Amiga 600 to boot either WB2.1, WB3.1 or AmigaOS 3.9 has now been added to this site. You can find it right here.

      added on tuesday the 9. december 2014.

The "new" website
This website has now had a long overdue overhaul. Even though the changes may seem to be a bit superficial at first, certain things has become much more simplified. Some examples of this is the left menu and top banner which are less complex and uses fewer files now. Other changes includes: Removal of all background images on the various pages, adding site links under the title of each page, making sure that the site uses a fixed maximum width, updating various old pages a bit, adding a new "Various Stuff" & "Latest News" page, and a total redesign of the old horrible "Main Page" (which now is much simpler).  Also, this site now supports four different sized layouts, where the one to be used depends upon the screenmode of your computer. For this to happen automatically, a browser with javascript support is required. All in all, this website should feel a little "lighter", and much easier to navigate now.

      added on friday the 31. october 2014.

Amiga911 Maker v1.59
A new version of this program has now been released. Among the new changes are the following: Support for creating Emergency Disk II floppies for AmigaOS 3.9,  a brand new installer for Amiga911 Maker,  possibility to add ImageMount, Redit, Virus Checker II & PFS3-AIO to the disks/drawers,  and some improvements to the "import settings" functionality in Amiga911 Maker. There are also some new sets of the ready-made Amiga911 disks & A911Extras packs available as well.

For more information, go to the Amiga911 Maker website.

      added on sunday the 23. march 2014.

The new Amiga911 Maker site
Even though moving all Amiga911 Maker related stuff to another domain was only meant to be a temporary solution, I have now decided to make this change permanent, and this also means that there are no longer any Amiga911 files to be found on this website (a few are replaced by some html redirection pages instead). The easy link is still as before:, while the direct link to the site is: As a result of the new site, I have also plans of making a facelift of it some time in the future.

      added on thursday the 1. december 2011.

Amiga911 Maker v1.46
It is now possible to download a new version of the easy to use boot disk creator Amiga911 Maker from this site, and for a list over all changes in v1.46 you can take a look at this page.

You can also read more about the program on the main Amiga911 Maker page.

      added on thursday the 6. october 2011.

Amiga911 Maker v1.38
Version 1.38 of the easy to use boot disk creator Amiga 911 Maker is now available for download from this site, A lot of work has been done on it, and since the list of all changes almost is as long as a bad year, I will only mention the most important ones here:

 *  USB support! Yes the Amiga911 boot disk can now include all files required for running a usb stack after booting, and both Poseidon and Anaiis is supported.
With Poseidon you will be limited to using usb hubs and mass storage devices + usb mice & keyboards (optional) only. Furthermore Trident prefs will not be used because of disk space limitations, and a special cut-down version of poseidon.library will be included on the disk, This library have been supplied to me by Chris Hodges, and I have his permission to include it with the Amiga911Maker distribution.
Anaiis support is a bit experimental at the moment. I can get it to work with usb mice and keyboards, but not properly with mass storage devices, the reason for this might be compability problems with my main A1200 (040 CPU), and unfortunately it is my only Amiga with usb support at the moment.
 *  This version of Amiga911 Maker introduces a new System0 dir & System0.lzx archive which are optional. They can contain files that patches the system and requires a reboot upon booting the Amiga911 disk. One example of this is a newer scsi.device used with LoadModule.
 *  Three file managers are now supported, so in addition to FileMaster3, you can also choose DiskMaster2 or Ordering.
 *  The Amiga911 boot disk can now contain all the files required for setting up harddisks larger than 4GB. This includes IDEfix and/or newer scsi.device.
 *  The boot disk can now also contain FastFileSystem (original or patched), SmartFileSystem and/or ProfessionalFileSystem (PFS2/3).

To read more of the changes in Amiga911 Maker, just scroll further down here or go to this page instead. You can also read more about the program on the main Amiga911 Maker page.

      added on saturday the 21. may 2011.

Moving to new webserver
The final work has been done on moving this site from to, I had to do this after experiencing big problems with accessing my files via ftp on the host server (was denied permission to the files). Everything seems to work OK on this site now.

      added on sunday the 17. april 2011.

AnArchiver v1.61
Due to the LhA 2011+ bug that became appearant at the beginning of this year, I decided to do some more work on AnArchiver (which is a Gui for handling file archives). The result of this is a new small update that can be downloaded from both this site and Aminet. You can read more about AnArchiver in the AnArchiver page, and you can download both the main package + the update from the Downloads section of this site. Or if you prefer to download from Aminet, you can find the main package here and the update here.

      added on thursday the 20. january 2011.

Amiga911 Maker v1.3
A new version of this program is now available, here is a list over what's new:
 *  Fixed a problem which could occur when formatting disks in Amiga911 Makers "Create disk" GUI on AmigaOS 3.5 based systems without the BB2 update.
 *  Added support for NSDPatch to be included on the disk. This patch together with something that patches scsi.device (like IDEfix) will allow you to use large harddisks (over 4GB) on your Amiga.
 *  Now the compactflash.device file will actually be included on the boot disk (if you have selected so). For some reason or another this file was missing in the source archive used by Amiga911 Maker.
 *  The TD64 patching of FFS (FastFileSystem) is now optional.
 *  Two versions of FileMaster3 are now supported: V3.2 which can be downloaded from Aminet and V3.1 (B11) which can be downloaded right here. The main difference between these two versions is that although the most recent version contains some new functions, it also contains some new annoying bugs as well, and in addition, the file size is slightly larger than the old version. It's up to the user to choose which version to be included on the boot disk, just have in mind that if both versions are present in the Resources dir, the old version will have priority over the new one.
 *  The compression used with the LZX archives are now optimized to the absolute maximum possible, this may now reduce the disk space used with a few KB.
 *  Replaced the Aros backport version of reqtools.library with the original Amiga version, the reason for this is because the old library file is smaller and is compatible with all processors of the 68K family.
 *  After checking what additional files that needs to be downloaded, the text or html file that can be generated by Amiga911 Maker will now include links that leads to the actual pages where the files are located instead of directly to the archive files.
 *  Since support for creating boot disks meant for other AmigaOS versions is planned, the most common files are now present in a new source archive which are used by Amiga911 Maker. This is to make sure that future versions of the Amiga911 Maker distribution will be as small as possible by avoiding lots of duplicate files.
 *  Various improvements & bug fixes.

You can read more about Amiga911 Maker here.

      added on saturday the 1. january 2011.

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