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Building the NASty PC  -  a cheap Lubuntu based NAS server mostly built from eBay parts.
The IKEA LACK Stereo cabinet build  -  done by using three LACK tables + some extra stuff.
Upgrading my main PC  -  replacing some old parts and adding some new ones.
My new gaming/media PC  -  doing some upgrades to the PC that was built in 2016.
Fake stuff bought on eBay  -  although I'm usually careful, I do get ripped off sometimes.
Upgrading my Amiga 1500  -  various upgrades done to my A1500 between 2011 - 2016.
My second Amiga 1200  -  finalizing the custom case of my other A1200.
PC projects - 2016  -  building a "new" PC and upgrading my old HTPC.
IDE-CF adapter blues  -  my theory why they don't work with other IDE devices on the same cable.
How I built my new PC  -  old article from 2008 that explains how I built my then new PC.
Authors favorite programs  -  a couple of my favourite Windows programs that I simply cannot do without.
Nigerian 419 email scams  -  just some email scam letters I received.
Why learn the phonetic alphabet  -  explains why I decided to learn the phonetic alphabet.
The Processor Idiot  -  postings from a guy who bought a new CPU without knowing what to do with it (apparently).
When Linux saved my day  -  a story about the time when Knoppix came to the rescue and saved my day.
Why use ID3 tag info in MP3 files  -  why I wish people could use ID3 tag info in the MP3 files they encode.
The most disappointing game  -  why I was really let down by Monkey Island 4.

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