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The Negative ManIntroduction
Just in case you are wondering about who the person behind this site is, here is some information about myself: My name is Roger E. Håseth, and I was born in 1971. Unfortunately I am now retired, but before that happened I was working as a welder (mainly TIG). Other than that, I live in Norway and my main hobbies are computers, movies and music (but no, I don't play any instruments  :-).

My aliases
I have had a lot of nicknames over the years, so whenever I need to come up with a user name for something on the internet, I really don't have to think that hard for coming up with one. All I have to do is use a name that someone called me in the past. So for for my online gaming I use the name Graaulv, and on & YouTube I go under the name PanterHZ. As for all my computer "art" and main website, I have used RHZ as the name.

The computers I use
Although I really was a die hard Amiga fan who just simply refused to touch anything Microsoft related once, I have to admit that the computer I use most nowadays, actually is a Windows PC. But I do however still use my towerized Amiga 1200, where I do stuff like surfing the net with it (yes this is possible!).  I also use it for doing some graphical work with Personal Paint, but since I have the Amiga emulator WinUAE installed on my PC, I often find it much faster and easier to just fire this up and use PPaint from there instead. You might wonder why I actually bother with going through all this fuss just for doing some simple graphics work, but the truth is that I still haven't found any good palette based paint programs on the PC that are just as flexible and easy to use as Personal Paint. As a matter of fact, much of the graphics on this site are created with PPaint.

While my A1200 tower is the Amiga computer I use the most, I have a few other models as well. This includes the following: Another A1200 in a self-built desktop case (ongoing project for a few years now), an A600 which I bought a couple of years ago, an A1500 which I got several years ago, and a stock A500 that was my very first Amiga (currently in storage).

The programs I have made
I also do some programming on the Amiga, where the Amiga911 Maker project has been what I mainly have been working on for the last couple of years. Another project I have used a considerable amount of time on earlier, is AnArchiver (file archive program). It is a few years since the last update of this program, but this doesn't mean that I'm quite finished with it yet, because I feel there is still some work to be done on AnArchiver.  The programming language I use is Gui4Cli, which is a simple and easy to use script based language that in addition to Amiga, also exists for Windows. As a matter of fact, I have earlier done some experimenting with Gui4Cli for Windows.

The music I listen to
When it comes to music I'm mostly into hard rock and various types of metal (mainly old school), but I also like other types of music like rock and punk (not todays pop-punk though). I actually have a very wide taste when it comes to music, and can listen to almost anything, I don't let genre types set any limitations to what I listen to and I don't care about what other people say about my taste in music.

The artists/bands I like most includes: Alice Cooper, Kiss, Motorhead, Manowar, Venom, Anthrax, Metallica, L7, GWAR, Primus, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, W.A.S.P. and many, many more. In the most recent years I have come to really like the folk metal (Skyclad & Subway to Sally) and symphonic metal (Haggard & Therion) genres, and especially Therion is a band I listen to a lot nowadays. Of the more "weird" kind of music I have come to like over the years, I can mention The Residents.

The movies I watch
When it comes to movies, I'm mainly into action, horror, splatter and gore films, my favourite ones includes: Bad Taste, Braindead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 & 2, Zombie Flesh Eaters and the Hellraiser, Evil Dead & Friday The 13TH series. I'm a big fan of horror B movies, and thanks to the bittorrent technology, I'm able to download rare and hard to find movies, especially the ones that still are banned here in Norway. That being said, I really appriciate coming across very original movies that gives me a totally new viewing experience, in other words movies without so many standard cliches. This is regardless of the genre.

The TV shows I watch
My favourite TV shows includes the following: Lost, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Hemlock Grove and Sons of Anarchy.

The games I play
Ever since I bought my very first computer (Commodore 64) all those years ago, I have been into computer games, and there have been many games that at a certain point in history have been favourites of mine, but that I no longer have any interest in. But there are some classics that I still like today, this involves games like: H.E.R.O, Ghosts 'N Goblins and Bubble Bobble (C64), The Great Giana Sisters and Stunt Car Racer (C64 & Amiga), Simon the Sorcerer, Monkey Island,  Lotus triology, Super Cars II, Lemmings and Agony (Amiga). Another game that I like very much is the Tomb Raider series (Playstation & PC), although I feel the control system has been messed up a bit with the last couple of Tomb Raider releases.  Earlier I also played Call of Duty (PC) in multiplayer mode a lot, where it was the Pavlov map on the Free Porn server (deathmatch) that really had me hooked. At one point I actually had a number one ranking on the Player Stats list of this map. But right now it's Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC) that has my attention, and even though it's an old game, I really like the variation of the gameplay. There's also a lot of really cool custom made maps for it out there as well.

How to contact me
If you have any comments, questions or other stuff you would like to mention to me, you can write and send me an e-mail, you can find the address here.

Some pictures of yours truly

The Negative Man
The good old "Negative Man" picture.

A sketch of me made by a friend years ago.

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