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Here are a small collection of just some of the Nigerian 419 email scam letters that I have received in my mailbox. Normally I don't open the spam I receive, but sometimes I get curious about these type of mails, and I want to see exactly how many million USD I have the possibility to get hold of this time. It must be said however, that I never open spam with attachments.

It really shouldn't be necessary to mention this, but when considering how many people that actually falls for this type of scam, I will do it anyway: When you receive these type of mails, do NOT answer them, no matter how tempting it might be. The persons who sends them most often use false names and are ONLY interested in ripping you off, you will never get any of the promised money, and you risk loosing YOUR money instead!

More information about this type of scam can be found here:

Here is a nice scam baiting website run by people who scams the scammers:

Now over to the emails:


Dear Friend,

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we never meet before. I am the FOREIGN REMITTANCE MANAGER of A.D.B African Development Bank, I Hoped that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families.

I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($9.4M) Nine Million Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars immediately into your account. The money has been dormant (in-active) for some years in our Bank here without any body coming for it.

I want to release the money to you as the nearest person to our deceased customer Mr. Khalifa Salem Abdulla from Libya the owner of the account who died a long with his supposed next of kin in plane crash since 2003. I don't want the money to go into our Bank treasury as an abandoned fund, so this is the reason why I contacted you, so that my Bank will release the money to you as the nearest person to the deceased customer.

Please I would like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested.

Upon the receipt of your reply I will send you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned amount if you agree to help me execute this business.

I want you to assure me your capability of handling this transaction with trust by giving me the following information details:

(4)PHONE NUMBER:.................
(5)OCCUPATION :.....................
(6)YOUR COUNTRY:.....................

Thanks and waiting for your urgent response

Best Regards
Mr. Jonas Nuru
Mr Song Lile - My name is Mr. Song Li. I work with the Hang Seng Bank....
My name is Mr. Song Li. I work with the Hang Seng Bank. There is a sum of $19,500,000.00 in my bank Hang Seng Bank", Hong Kong.There were no beneficiaries stated concerning these funds which means no one would ever come to claim it. That is why I ask that we work together.I do solicit for your assistance in effecting this transaction.I intend to give 30% of the total funds as compensation for your assistance. I will notify you on the full transaction on receipt of your response if interested,and I shall send you the details and necessary procedures with which to make the transfer."E-mail;" Should you be interested? Please send me your:1. Full names, 2. Private phone number,3. Current residential address

I appeal to you to exercise a little patient and read through my letter, I wish to contact you personally for a long term relationship and investment assistance in your Country, i will really like to have a good relationship with you and I have a special reason why I decided to contact you.

My name is Mr Gazik Zaraki I am in the Office of Auditing and Accounting File Manager with Bank of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. In my department i discovered an abandoned sum of (US$10M DOLLARS) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer (MR. RICHARD BURSON from Florida, U.S.A) who died along with his entire family on November 1999 in a plane crash.

I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($10M USD) to your account within 7banking days, while every necessary arrangement should commence after I have hear from you.

This money has been dormant for years in our Bank without claim, and I don't want the money to go into the Reserve Bank of Burkina Faso (RBBF), as an abandoned fund. So this is the reason why I contacted you so that the bank can release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer.

Please I would like you to keep this transfer as a top secret between me and you alone ok.

I promise you that i will direct you on how this transfer will go successfully if only you can abide to my instruction.
Upon receipt of your reply i will give you full details on how the business will be executed.

Kindly send me this information below to have trust in you that you would betray me.

(1) Your full name...
(2) Your address...
(3) Country..
(4) Age...
(5) Occupation.......
(6) Private telephone number
(7) Sex.

l will send you my details of this transaction as soon as I hear from you thanks, trusting to hear from you immediately with your contact information

My Regards.

Mr Gazik Zaraki

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