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This article is about the biggest disappointment I have experienced in the recent years when it comes to a single game. 

Among my all time favourite games are the Monkey Island series (especially the second and third edition), and I was very excited when I got hold of the fourth game in the series which is called "Escape from Monkey Island". But what a a let down it turned out to be.

Let me start with the graphics first: The majority of games published today have 3D graphics, it seems to be an impression that a game MUST have this in order to be great. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against 3D graphics, I have played many great games which uses 3D graphics and I still remember how impressed I was when I tried Tomb Raider for the first time.

But sadly, the 3D craze is also present when new versions of old games are made, it seems like the thought is that adding 3D graphics will somehow improve the playability of the games. In many cases this does not turn out to be successful at all.

Monkey Island 4 is a good example of this. In my opinion, the change from 2D to 3D graphics and the way this is done has turned out to be a total disaster. Instead of the cartoony style of the characters present in the earlier games, Monkey 4 includes boring static 3D ones. One could of course argue that the graphics in Monkey 4 are of better quality simply because of the use of higher screen resolutions (the two first games was in low-res only), but I have to say that I still prefer the style of the old games.

And then there is the control system: After recovering from the shock of the graphics in Monkey 4, I got another shock when I discovered how the game was controlled. From the quick and easy "point & click with the mouse" style used in the earlier games, Monkey 4 has to be controlled by using the keyboard. How this can be called an improvement is really beyond me. 
In some ways I can understand it since the game also was released on Playstation 2 and using the old method of controlling the game could have turned out to be ackward on the PS2 version, but what I can't understand is why an alternative control method for those that prefers using the mouse was not included in the PC version. 

All in all I have to say that "Escape from Monkey Island" turned out to be a real disappointment, the creators of the game took everything that made the first three games great and changed it to something that I don't like at all. I can understand that when creating a new version of an old game, it has to offer something new, but was it really necessary to change things so drastically?

If there ever is made a fifth version of Monkey Island, I don't think I will be so eager of testing it since I'm afraid it will turn out to be yet another disappointment. But if a new version is made, I really hope that it will be more in the style of the old games.

If you have ever played the Amiga version of the first
Monkey Island game, you might recognize the picture
above. It is the game icon which I have converted.
Click it and see what happens!.

I'm clicking the picture but nothing happens!

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